Midweek Connect

Midweek Connect

Westminster Campus

time 7:00 pm

Every Wednesday

Where: Westminster Campus

What: Every Wednesday night we have opportunities for the whole church family to fellowship, heal, and grow. We meet for worship together and then break up into smaller groups. Most groups have a rotating curriculum so that you can participate in several groups throughout the year!

Here’s a list of what we offer:

  • Men’s Bible Study (The Armory)
    Location: Main Sanctuary
    Teacher: Pastor Joe Furey
  • Women’s Bible Study 
    Location: Upstairs Prayer Room
    Teacher: Mary Guleserian
  • Ignite Youth Ministry
    Location: Youth Building
    Teacher: Richi Chapman
  • Steppin’ Out Recovery
    Location: Men’s Room
    Teachers: Bob Noonan & Roger McDiarmid
  • Starting Point / Advance
    Location: Glass Chapel
    Teacher: Michael Heller
  • His Kids Children’s Ministry
    Location: Children’s Classrooms
    Teacher: Danielle & Jay Roberts,
    Erika Roberts & Nicole Love