Midweek Connect

Midweek Connect

Midweek Connect is the best way to spend your Wednesday night. As friends and family, we deviate from the traditional church service to offer a group of classes that are open to all who are interested in finding a place to grow. We have many offerings throughout the year so check back regularly to see what is happening.

Our classes are designed for you to be able to jump right in, even if you come in the middle of the series so just come and experience what we have to offer! We have great ways for kids to get plugged in too so bring your children and their friends!


Current Class Schedule

The Feasts of Israel – Bible Study

Dates: September 27 – November 15
Location: Upstairs Prayer Room
Contact: Michael Heller

Join Michael Heller as he leads us through a study of the Feasts if Israel and the foreshadowing of the 1st and 2nd comings of our Lord. The study is Co-ed and all are encouraged to come!

The Armory

Dates: September 6 – November 15
Location: Main Sanctuary
Contact: Chris Jones

The Armory is a place for men of all ages to come together for a time of learning and accountability both to God and to each other. We share our victories and forge the relationship we have with God.

The Fortress

Dates: September 6 – November 15
Location: Glass Chapel
Contact: Niki Kolb

The Fortress is a place for women of God to open up to each other, share in their victories, develop relationships and accountability, and dive deeper into God’s word. All women are welcome.

Steppin’ Out Recovery

Dates: January 11 –  December 31
Location: Women’s Meeting Room
Contact: Bob Noonan & Roger McDiarmid

Steppin’ Out Recovery is a 12-step program centered around Christ and the Biblical basis for recovery. If you are or have suffered with addiction or are supporting those who are, this class is for you!

His Kids Children’s Ministry

Dates: January 11 – November 15
Location: Children’s Classrooms
Contact: Danielle Roberts

Join His Kids for a fun and exciting time to learn about God and develop key leadership skills. We play games, watch movies, do amazing crafts, and spend time building relationships. Every week you can expect something new and entertaining as we do what we do best – be kids!  All children from 6 months through 5th grade are welcome!

Ignite Youth Ministry

Dates: January 11 – November 15
Location: Youth Building
Contact: Jonathan Vazquez

Join Ignite Youth for the most exciting youth group in Orange County. We develop relationships, build friendships and trust, and learn about God in fun ways. There is never a shortage of surprises and activities for you to participate in and become a leader for Christ!  All youth in Grades 6 through 12 are welcome.



Future Class Offerings

Some classes that we are considering in the near future…

  • Parenting
  • Health and Wellness
  • Boundaries
  • Divorce/Relationship Recovery
  • Leadership
  • Financial Peace

If you have any suggestions on classes you’d like to see or would like to teach, please contact Jay Roberts at jay@hisplace.com or (562) 833-5526.